Ten Days of Pimento Cheese: The Original, A Singular Sandwich

With just ten days till the start of our 2017 Masters Golf Road Trip, I've started thinking about pimento cheese... with increasing frequency. 

This may seem odd for a New Englander, whose first exposure to "the caviar of the South" was rather recent, but the feeling is not unlike the one I have for gingerbread and eggnog in the run-up to Christmas. It's actually a kind of longing, based on memories of special, once-a-year, limited-time-only foods rather than any real affinity for their taste or texture. 

Be that as it may, thanks to my Masters memories, I'm currently obsessed with thoughts of Pimento Cheese. So much so, that earlier today I succumbed to an urge to google "pimento cheese" ...the way you'd google an unrequited love from high school. Or something. 

My hopes were to find a few photos of the sacred sandwich with which to wet my appetite. Instead I found a treasure trove of unexpected recipes.  I've curated my favorites and will present one a day till our departure.

I'm starting where my obsession began, with the original Masters Pimento Cheese sandwich.