Ten Days of Pimento Cheese: The DeLite, A No-Mayo P.C.

Monday, arguably the weekday the most willpower, is probably the right one for this recipe

Pimento cheese is, by its very nature, an indulgence... and for the most part that's just fine with fans of the creamy concoction.  Otherwise it wouldn't be known as "The Cavier of the South", would it? So imagine my surprise, when I encountered an impressive array of recipes for "PC Light". 

Some cooks decided to add all manner of vegtable matter to the mix, while others suggest simply substituting "light cheese" and "light mayonaise" for the real things, and saving some calories that way.

The one I selected does neither. Instead, it replaces the mayo with yogurt, adding a dash of vinegar for the necessary tang.  This recipe comes from Bran Appetit, a delightful cooking blog that celebrates a deliciously healthy life... without ever sacrificing the charm of the dishes we love.