Sergio Garcia Wins The Masters and Fans Everywhere Cry Tears of Joy

Admittedly, there were times when being a Sergio Garcia fan was rough. It was kind of like rooting for a brilliant but mercurial child... one frequently subject to mood swings and sometimes prone to self sabatoge.  Major wins were elusive and the defeats, particularly those where the contest was close, were crushing. 

There were even times when the golfer known as El Nino was written off as a tempestuous also-ran by some "serious" golf scribes. However there were also the unconditionals; those Sergio fans who never lost faith.

Today was the day that patience paid off.  Sergio won The Masters... in spectacular fashion... and there were, if Twitter is to be believed, many tears of joy shed in celebration. 

Yes, I was one of those reaching for the Kleenex as Sergio Garcia was presented with the iconic green jacket. After all, way back in the infancy of YouTube, I predicted Sergio's Masters win... albiet somewhat prematurely... in a grainy mash-up video that I enjoyed revisiting occasionally over the years. 

I'd say it has special meaning today. I'd also say it was worth the wait. 

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