Sunset at Sunset Hill

Now I know why it's called Sunset Hill. My Ridgewood lesson was
canceled yesterday... actually postponed till tomorrow... so I was
about to head for the driving range when Nick called and suggested we
play nine holes at Sunset Hill. "Hell yeah, I'll meet you at Billy Goat
in 10!" Was my enthusiastic response. BTW, Billy Goat Hill is our nickname for this course, which is compactly set on a rocky, rustic terrain that was a farm not so long ago when CT was much more rural and agricultural.

Anyway, we started out and I wasn't playing well at all! At all, at all, at all. I was feeling kind of disjointed and unfocused, and I miss hit my first couple of drives, and my fairway shots were even worse than normal. That's bad. Yeah it wasn't going well, but you know what? It was so beautiful, it didn't matter. Nick and I were pretty much alone on the course. We rode (bumped) along the hilly landscape, sipped our beer, worked on shots around the green. By the third hole the sun was blazing orange and lowering in the sky. My game picked up on the third and got slightly better from there. Not much better, but slightly... and that was good enough for me. We saw a deer on the 6th, down near the little frog pond/water hazard...then a couple of small, sweet rabbits nibbling on the edge of the rough, near the scrubby
bushes of the 7th. The sun was really setting by the time we approached the 8th, which is up hill in faces west, thus visibility was slightly impaired. We played the ninth just as dusk was setting in. Sadly, this kind of beautiful golf after work experience is just about over for now. Autumn's here, winter's on it's way. CT is beautiful but winter is a reality here, and I have a feeling it's going be harder to get through now that I've discovered golf.