La Belle Michelle - Ultimate Golf Girl Back With the Guys

And she's "pretty confident" too, so deal with it! As she gets ready to play in the Japan Tour's Casio World Open, Michelle seems unfazed by the fact that she finished dead last in her most recent attempts to play with the lads. And though she missed the cut by a shot at this same event last year, she seems quite sure this year'll be different. "I worked my butt off so I hope to do well this year." said the tenacious teen.

Much maligned for mixing it up with the men, Michelle remains steadfast in her goal "to get to the Masters". Her detractors have suggested she should play with the ladies for a couple of years before trying to whip the guys...they've asked her sponsors not to give her any more exemptions. Well, Michelle's not having any of it. She's pretty much ignored the criticism, and she's got a nice exemption from Sony that'll have her competing at the Sony Open in January. And as for the Masters, she recently said, "That is still my No 1 goal. And since I've set it pretty high, it's going to stay that way for a long time." Now to me, this doesn't sound flippy or overblown or delusional. To me this sounds like a determined young lady with a lofty goal, one that she intends to pursue, despite criticism, for as long as it takes.

Michelle in Japan earlier this week, practicing for the Casio World Open under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad. I'm hoping this family will have something to celebrate at Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.