Golf Weekend, Part I - The Pros Playing

The splashiest pro golf stories of the weekend were undoubtedly:

A)Padraig Harrington stealthily stealing the Dunlop Phoenix from Tiger in a two-man play off. And the thing is, Tiger was playing with his usual brilliance for most of the tournament, so this win took amazing perseverance. The most dramatic moment has to have been when Padraig "went for it" with a daring, shot woven through a wierd-looking, Y-shaped tree. This was doubly exciting for me, as I happen to be related to Padraig. With a few degrees of separation. Ya see, my Mom's maiden name was Harrington. That makes us distant cousins... I think. Depending on how you define cousins. Anyway, I'm hoping I inherited some of the same golf genes as my cuz, though there's been no evidence of that thus far. Damn.

B)Little Julieta Granada, in head to toe crimson, winning the ADT championship and the million dollar prize that goes with it. What's not to like about this story? This golf girl could be any one's tomboy kid sister. She just turned 20 a couple of days ago, she's only 5'2" and her mom's her caddy. She held her own magnificently against player of the year Lorena Ochoa, among others, and ultimately won the lucite-enclosed million. BTW - The ADT format was engaging and innovative, and made for some real drama, as it whittled the field down from 32 players, to where you ultimately had an eclectic group of 8 vying for the million dollar prize. Among those 8 were the two always stylish golf girls below. Ok, maybe they didn't win but they sure were looking good.

Natalie was smashing in these ultra short black shorts.

Pink Pather Paula. Don't you just love the shoes? Don't you just love it all.

Note: Tune in later today for Golf Weekend, Part II - The Non Pros (ie. Me) Playing.