Golf Weekend, Part II - The Non Pros Playing

Nick and I (yes, we're the non pros referred to in the title) played an awesome course yesterday! Centennial Golf Club is just 20 minutes from us in Carmel, NY. We've been meaning to play there all summer, but we got used to playing other courses, and the summer went by and we just never got around to it. Till now. So as winter descends on CT, we've discovered another fine, conveniently located course. Yesterday was cold. Cloudy and gray... but beautiful, and there were only a few other parties playing. I had my cashmere car blanket and Nick bought his flask of Courvoisier XO, so we were good. We played Meadows and Lakes, two of the three nine hole courses. The carts all have these ultra-cool GPS systems that tell you all about each hole as you approach it. They even tell you how to best play the hole. Loved that, it prevented the usual heated arguments discussions Nick and I always have over how to play a hole...and despite the challenges of the hilly terrain we both played quite well...quite well for us, that is.

Isn't this beautiful?...the course I mean.

You gotta be ready for lot's hills and valleys and lakes when you play here.

If I remember correctly, Nick's ball ultimately found the water on this hole. Mine didn't. Ha-ha.

I played with my new Hannigan plaid putter grip. It's awesome!

I told Nick he should've auditioned to be the next Wandering Golfer.

One of the best things about winter golf: we were almost alone on the course. Is that not the prettiest shade of green?