Space Golf - Sounds Like My Kind of Golf

I've been trying to add some distance to my drives for a while now. I've been doing strength traing reading books and web sites on the subject, I'm even contemplating a new driver. Well, turns out I might not be needing that new driver just yet. Not if I can book my golf vacation at ISS. Yep, it seems The International Space Station is on it's way to becoming a high flying golf resort. The First Tee Time - Wednesday at 5:28 p.m. CST - has already been booked. That's when NSS flight commander Mikhail Tyurin will step out onto a perch just outside the airlock (I'm thinking that's the white tee) and hit a one-handed drive. And here's the beauty part: due to the atmospheric conditions at 220 miles, even a crummy shot would be expected to remain in flight for AT LEAST two or three days. See where I'm going with this. Now I just need to contact NASA the Russians, book my tee time and find the Ladies tee. And to think I used to fantasize about playing at La Paz Golf Club.