Sexy Austrailian Golf Girls Cause Controversy with Calendar

When it comes to beautiful girl golfers, know one knows better than the folks at Golf Babes. I've come to count on this highly entertaining blog for a daily fix of illustrated stories and snippets on some of worlds hottest, cutest, most interesting female golfers. So it's no surprise to me that they would be the ones to break this story about some ultra sexy Australian golfers who've met up with bit of so-called righteous indignation in their attempts to produce a calendar to support their National Breast Cancer Foundation. It seems the project screeched to a halt half way through printing when the previously approved photos were suddenly deemed "too confronting" to be associated with the foundation's logo. (too confronting? ...must be an Australian expression). The good news is the calendar will still come out, albeit a bit later than anticipated. In addition, by funneling proceeds though a different foundation it will still benefit breast cancer research and awareness.

Below are a few of the girls participating. If they look this good on the golf course, I think the calendar will sell very well. After all, "confronting" never hurt anyone, did it?

Sarah-Jane Kenyon

Nikki Garrett

Kristie Newton

UPDATE: Here's info on how to order the calendar. Thanks GolfBabes.