Fitness Tips...And Other Useful Bits of Information

Core fitness is so important for golf. I hear it all the time so I'm constantly looking for ways to get more out of my workouts. After all, I know I'm going to be at the gym 3-5 times a week... why not make the most of it, right? Well, yesterday at work we were discussing this very subject, and a nerdly, elder statesmanesque colleague of mine told me to check out Men's Health. Men's Health? Well OK... it sounded kind of clinical and dry, but he assured me there were great fitness tips each month, so I thought, why not. Well, I read it yesterday on-line...and there were some good tips, in the paragraph called Fitness. But I've got to admit, I was so distracted by the surrounding paragraphs, and the Viagra ads, and the smoldering photos, that I almost didn't notice the Fitness paragraph. Somehow, I just didn't expect all that other content. Or I didn't expect it to be so...othery.You know what I mean? It made me wonder who's reading Men's Health...besides my curmudgeonly colleague...and what are said readers doing with all this information. Yes it definitely made me wonder. Anyway, I for one, am now closing my eyes and visualizing my posterior muscle groups, as instructed in the Fitness paragraph.

Oh and BTW, there's a great recipe on there for Apricot-Pecan Muffins.