Big Break VI: It Paid Off...for Golf Girl Bri, At Least

I posted at length about this in early October so I'm not going to waste much ink many keystrokes on it here. In retrospect, it didn't merit many in the first place, but what did I know then.

The debut episode of Big Break VI had just aired and and we were busy debating it's merits as a slickly produced reality show vs. a rather lame golf show... wondering if it would find it's promised cross-over audience thanks to the presence the morbidly fascinating Donald Trump and several hot Golf Girl contestants. Well, aparently it did. And it ultimately became wildly popular, both ratings-wise and on the Golf Channel discussion boards, where golf curmudgeons bickered at length about which of the girls was in fact, the hottest. But tragically, somewhere along the line, the Big Break quickly became a big bore. At least according to golf writer Tim McDonald. And I have to agree. After the first couple of episodes I kind of forgot all about The Big Break till last night when a winner finally prevailed. And imagine my delight when that winner was Briana, the beeatchy, brunette bra-fitter from MA! If you go back to my post from October you'll see that she was my pick from the get-go. (Insert smug, self-satisfied emoticon here) And maybe, outside of the hyper-edited reality show format we'll be able to see what she's really like.