Golf Girl of the Week - Jessica Alba

This was as easy as it gets. Way beyond obvious. So I'm not expecting any dessenting comments or emails to appear after this post. Not that I mind dessenting opinions...they're what keep a discussion lively...but I just don't see them happening when the Golf Girl in question is Jessica Marie Alba.

The reasons I'm so completely convinced of Ms. Alba's worthiness of the GGW title are: A) There's not man, woman or child in the world universe who doesn't find her sublimely gorgeous. B) She's got a warm, friendly, accessible personality that's...So. Damn. Appealing. C) She's "into" golf. To what extend she's "into" golf is unclear, but who cares... because A)+ B)= it really doesn't matter. And in all fairness it's clear she has more than a passing interest in our sport. She always mentions golf when asked about her hobbies. She sometimes even refers to herself as a golf dork. Yeah, right Jess.

There are numerous photos on the internet of Jessica playing golf, normally accompanied by that annoying Cash Warren guy (photoshopped out of the image at left). Some even say he and she recently got engaged, but I'm not buying that. She's too good for him...IMHO,he's not even hot. This engagement would definitely be bad news for some of my fellow golf bloggers. Nigel at Illogical Golf and Mark at Balls Out are both openly stalking pursuing the Devine Ms. Alba with their own marriage intentions in mind. Golf Babes the definitive blog for...Golf Babes...has been known to post on J-Alb too.

I don't know how much golf Jess'll be playing in 2007 as she'll be working on 7...that's SEVEN...movies this year, but if this exciting little video clip is any indication, she might not be able to resist a little swing training between premieres.

So there you have it. Jessica Alba, Golf Girl of the Week.

BREAKING NEWS: Jessica and Cash just had a fight. He's history. Loser.