Daly Drama: Long John's Golferazzi Meltdown

It's nice to be able to count on someone for drama. After all, the world of professional golf is rather... well-behaved. And the truth is most of us really don't like well-behaved all that much, do we? So here's where Long John Diva Daly consistently comes to the rescue with characteristic flair.

I won't rehash the most recent incident, yesterday at Honda. It's already been widely reported in the golf press (old and new media) for the past 24+ hours. Suffice to say it involved a well-heeled, 50ish woman and a camera. And that ultimately the cops were called in. I know, it sounds like a second rate subplot from Desperate Housewives. but it was just JD being JD...while we watched. Golf's guilty pleasure? I'd say so.

I thank Dave Hyde for the word "golferazzi" and for his entertaining story in the Orlando Sentinel.