Back to the Range - CT Golfers are Tired of Winter

CT temperatures flirted with 50 on Saturday, so like others who reside in states where the winters aren't warm, I was happy to interrupt my hibernation and hit the driving range. I saw several guys I hadn't seen in months. They were less tan and less lean than I remembered, but I've no doubt they'll be back in shape by April. That's the kind of guys they are. Archtypical CT suburbanites. Fortunately, I've managed to avoid a similar fate with weekly tanning session and regular workouts. Also thanks to my workouts I felt strong and limber and was generally pleased with the way I was hitting. So, all-in-all I've held up pretty well through my hiatus from golf. And it's not quite over. Today was much colder as Canadian Air and blustery breezes descended upon us. The next few days are supposed to bring come of the coldest temps so far this year. Ick.