The Beer Diet: Not as Awesome as it Sounds.

As an avid Men's Health reader, when I saw my Daily Dose email this morning I got kind of excited. The Beer Diet. That's what the subject line said. Now I'm not a major beer drinker, but it is my beverage of choice on a hot summer golf course (champagne and girly pink cocktails being difficult to manage, even in the most well appointed golf cart). Actually though, The Beer Diet made me think of my guy friends...the ones I recently reunited with at the driving range and found to be much fatter slightly heavier than I remembered. "It's the beer I drank watching football all winter." one of my newly paunchy pals told me. "I'm gonna shed this extra long as I don't have to give up beer", added another fat friend. His belly shook as he laughed.

So this diet seemed the perfect solution. I couldn't wait to open it up and email it to the guys. Alas, if it's sounds too good to be true it probably is. The Beer Diet allows one beer a day. Yep you heard me right, one beer a day. Who's going to follow that? Not my guys. One statement in the article did resonate however, "...Aside from the 150 calories per beer, alcohol inhibits our inhibitors" The idea being that it causes one to indulge in other excesses. And that I've gotta say, is true. Alchohol has definitely been know to inhibit my inhibitors.

Speaking of which, despite my heartfelt conviction that I had maintained my smokin' hot body, I might just have to lose a couple of pounds as well. Yesterday I spent some time with my temperamental, highly artistic, cohiba smoking French photographer, planning the Golf Girl Swimsuit Issue. He told me I was much fatter than Beyonce and should stop eating right now if I want the issue to be ready before the end of summer.

Well, first of all, I questioned his photography skills, then I told him I would stop eating ...I just won't stop drinking, don't want those inhibitors to kick in, do we?