Don't Cry for Golf Argentina

No reason to cry at all! According to U.S. golf stars such as Craig Stadler and Tom Watson, Argentina is a golfer's paradise. And it's not only the pros, it seems a growing number of recreational players from the US and Europe are discovering golf in the land of the gauchos.

A wide variety of affordable, high quality courses, in breathtaking locations, as well as extraordinary apres-golf for gals, hunting for guys, and Tango dancing (it takes two)...make the destination ultra appealing. Agentinia's world famous barbecue and renowned wines are another delicious incentive.

This article by Mathew Craze for was enough to convince me to put Argentina on my list for next winter's golf getaway. The one downside is the ultra long least 10 hours from anywhere in the US...which makes it inappropriate for a quick weekend jaunt. But then again it doesn't sound like the kind of place I'd be in a hurry to leave. Oh BTW, one other big plus is that the Argentinian people are gorgeous! I don't know about you, but I'm shallow that way.