Aging Golf Guys - JD inspired by VJ

As the pros head east to Shanghai for the BMW Asian Open, an optimistic, and seemingly re-energized, John Daly declared that he would be taking his inspiration from Vijay Singh from now on. Looking towards his 41st birthday on April 28, the troubled golf star sited the fact that Vijay had "won 28 times in the four or five years since he turned 40".

Well, there's nothing wrong with being inspired by Vijay Singh, but his legendary work ethic implies torturous workouts and endless hours of practice. Does that sound like a lifestyle John could embrace? Frankly, I don't see it... any more than I see Vijay writing country songs and making albums with Willie Nelson. As unrealistic as it seems though I think it's a good sign that JD is not giving up on golf. We'll just see how he does over in Shanghai this week.

...And who knows, maybe in twenty five years or so, when Vij has given up golf, he'll take up country music. With his unrelenting tenacity Vijay Singh would probably become Vijay Sing and he'd probably win a Grammy.