Sexy Back Singer is Mobbed at Carnoustie

I've written about Justin Timberlake here before, and the response hasn't always been good. In fact, to quote Golfchick, a fellow golf blogger and GGD reader, "The kid's got as much sex appeal as a Q-Tip".

Well it seems he still has plenty of loyal and lustful fans across the pond, because couple of days ago, as J.T. was over in Scotland trying to enjoy a relaxing round at Carnoustie, he was mobbed by dozens of young fans, mainly adolecent girls. (yeah, who'd a thought there'd be adolescent girls hanging out at Carnoustie by the dozen, right)?

A spokesman for for the fabled course said (presumabley in a thick Scottish accent), "With it being a public course, there was no way of keeping fans away from them like you could at a private course." he might have added, "...and anyway, that's what you get when you try to bring sexy back."

In the end, there was no word on how Mr. Timberlake played, but it seems the studly singer happily signed autographs and chatted with his golfstruck fans.