Fairway Feline - Hello Kitty

I guess it had to happen eventually.

I saw my first Hello Kitty golf bag today. I had heard about them, but hardly believed they existed. Well, maybe in the furthest reaches of the far east, in cartoon friendly places like Tokyo or Seoul or Taipai, but surely, I thought, they'd never make it out of quarantine here in the US...would they? Well, this one did. It was the pinkest golf bag I'd ever seen. (and I've seen lots of pink golf bags) There were pink club covers too, like in the photo above, and each one bore the image of the annoying mouthless feline who's become the global symbol of girly cuteness.

To make a long story short I'll probably be seeing quite a bit of the bilious bag this summer because... guess what? I became practically best friends with it's adorable owner, Mila, a Russian beauty who plays golf at almost the same pathetic level as I do. Turns out Mila fell in love with Hello Kitty (and with a vacationing retiree from Hartford) in Hong Kong, where she worked as a pole nightclub dancer. Now she lives here in CT with her Hartford Honey, and has been desperately seeking a golf buddy.

On an ominous note, as we were leaving the range Mila hinted that she was looking for additional items of Hello Kitty golf gear. That concerned me. And when I got back to my office I did a quick search. Turns out I had reason to worry:

I found Hello Kitty golf balls.

...and ball markers... In Japan they even have Hello Kitty Cars.

...and how about...A Hello Kitty Airline! Yes, it really exists.

But let's not even go there. This summer I'm just going to do everything in my power to ignore the cloying cuteness of it all and concentrate on improving my golf game. The alternative being a summer in Hello Kitty Hell.


  1. Despite protests from my daughters, Hello Kitty stuff is not allowed in my house. When one of my girls brought home a game called Bubble Gum Girlfriends I decided it had gotten a bit too sacchariney.

  2. A paraphrase of one of the FUNNIEST comments I've ever heard comes to mind, which was originally made by our fellow golf blogger Kristen (, when she was commenting about Paula Creamer's outfit one day:

    "Who had an accident with the Pepto Bismol truck???"

    Now if we could just get those "Hello Kitty" golfers to speed up their pace of play....

  3. I'd be willing to be Mila's golf partner. I think I could overlook the Kitty junk. Hell, I'd even come up from Jersey. ;oD

  4. GAAAAACK - people, you simply HAVE to follow the link back to the AIRLINE!!!

    The little kitty that sticks his tongue out at you on the left is just TOO over the top....

    Worth a look...

    Funny post, Pat....

  5. Gag! Good luck playing with your new golf buddy and trying to hold in your breakfast!

    Marcoman, if you get the coveted invite, It might help to think of the ugly bag as "Hello Pussy."

    Oops, did I say that?


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