Saturday Night in Golf Girl World

Nick and I played a cold and blustery round at beautiful Richter Park today. Wearing lots of layers, we braved the windswept fairways and rolled our putts on stark, gusty greens. The course was in fairly good shape, considering that nature is still largely dormant here in CT. The scattered, barely blooming crocuses are the sole sign of spring as yet. It's late this year. Easter's come and gone and there's not a single bud or blossom on any of our trees. The upside of this extended winter is the absence of a crowd. A crowd that would surely have been near capacity had the day been balmy and springlike. That'll come soon enough, so for today we just enjoyed the solitude and the still sleeping nature.

News Flash:
it looks like I won't have to be my own photographer anymore. Yes, Nick has his old job back. He promised to be more cooperative if I promised to be less of a demanding, difficult bitch diva. So, we're going to give it another try. Many thanks to all who graciously inquired about this (Nick would say, "thankless") job. Now I've got to get Monsieur working on the Golf Girl Swimsuit Blog.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be finishing my report on the compelling results from last month's Golf Girl Sex sure to check here on Monday for the full story.

And speaking of surveys, I urge you to participate in an excellent one taking place now at Business Golf. Business Golf is an engaging, always on-topic blog that focuses on Golf for Business. The brief survey (only 10 questions) will explore the ways in which we play, or would like to play, golf for business. Definitely an interesting an useful topic for many of us. So go weigh in, the more participation there is, the more illuminating the data will be.

So, here I am at home on a Saturday night, writing. I'm kind of exhausted, in a good way, from that blustery round, and I'm really glad I played today, because at this moment a major nor'easter is bearing down on New England. Massive amounts of rain, and high winds are expected and flood warnings are in effect. Yes, I can definitely feel my SoCal golfer friends gloating right now. They just don't understand all the good things about living here in New England. Sometimes, neither do I.