Golf Girl's Monday Funnys

Mondays can be pretty crappy unpleasant. I think we all agree on that. So I thought I'd start this one off with something light...An original Golf Girl cartoon! It illustrates a few of the inappropriate swing thoughts that frequently occasionally plague me.

1.Equipment Lust.
In the middle of my back swing it occurs to me that I'd be hitting much better (longer, straighter)if only I had that driver I'm lusting for.

2.Golferazzi Distraction. As I begin my downswing I become aware of Nick snapping photos of me (because I ordered asked him to)

3.Wardrobe Worries. As my club is about to make contact with the ball I'm struck by the realization that the skirt I'm wearing is just a bit too short and a wardrobe malfunction is imminent. This usually results in my reining in my swing to such an extent that I miss the ball entirely.

The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching me.