Naughty Nick Gets the Golf he Deserves

...for sneaking out to play while I toiled at work!

Do you believe that? Just as the weather here in CT has gotten really, really nice ... we've gotten really, really busy at work getting ready for a trade show. I know. It sucks, but you do what you've got to do, right? Well yes, unless your name is Nick, then you sneak out the back exit to "just play nine holes" while everyone else is struggling to get ready for the aforementioned show.

Well, the rascal returned a few minutes ago looking somewhat frazzeled. Seems the course was completely overloaded...with a high school PE class, a couple of bus loads of senior citizens and myriad work-skipping slackers executives and businessmen like himself.
Apparently it was ultra slow, very unruly and quite dangerous.

Yes, (I thought cheerily) he totally got what he deserved.

* cartoon by Steve Greenberg.