Caution! Kids on the Course

I love to see little ones out on the course. Even though they frequently play better than I do, which is very somewhat annoying.

It's good to see kids out there because they're the future of the game. The little brats darlings are what's going to keep the courses open, the tournaments televised and the industry innovative into the future. And we all want that, right?

It's in every golfer's best interest to encourage young'uns to take up the game. The thing is though, golf is more dangerous than it would first seem. Though not a fast moving, high impact sport, it's rife with possibilities for injury. Within just the past week a 6 year old girl was hit in the face with an errant golf shot and a fourteen year old sustained head injuries when she fell from a golf cart. And who could forget the incident earlier this year in Australia, when a girl tragically died after being hit in the head with a ball during a Jr. Tournament. So, just a word of caution. Watch the little ones closely, particularly on those cramped par threes where they most often learn, and above all talk to them seriously about the possible dangers on a golf course, and the importance of being alert to them.

We need our future Tigers...and Tigresses...for the future of the game. And for now they give some of us really good golf tips.