It Pays to be a Golfer - Just Ask Tiger

You can always count on the guys at Don't Cost Nothing to put things into perspective.

Yesterday Belushi posted about the World's Richest was a follow up to his post on the World's Most Marketable Athletes. Tiger came out on top of both far...across all sports. This is quite impressive, but not too terribly surprising. Tiger's marketability and endorsement earnings are pretty much legendary by now.

Phil and Vijay are also on the list along with stars from myriad other sports; Shaquille O'Niel, Roger Federer, David Beckham and others. The data was actually collected by Sports Illustrated, but the thing that's is the commentary. These boys... Belushi and his friends... are always an entertaining read. They're smart and funny with a neanderthal edge that's oddly endearing. They all love golf too. They're the ones who once described Sergio Garcia as looking like a bearded traffic cone. See what I mean? Their blog has a really nice, minimalist feel. And lots of photos of ridiculously sexy girls too. Yes, I'm pretty sure that once you check it out, you'll be checking back often. Like I do.