Sex on the Golf Course and a Fedex Cup Cocktail Contest

Earlier this evening I had sex on the golf course. It was great, even better than a hole-in-one.

Oh... I'm talking about the drink, of course. You didn't think..? You did? How very lascivious of you. Well, I've been trying lots of new cocktails lately, and Sex on the Golf Course is one of them. You'll find the recipe below.

Anyway, this recent foray into the fine art of mixology gave me a great idea for building some added enthusiasm around the Fedex Cup: A Fedex Cup Cocktail Contest! Isn't that brilliant?

So... during the next four weeks, choose a golfer - It can be anyone still in the field at the time of your submission - and create your cocktail. Each drink should be based on the chosen golfer, and will be judged on how well it reflects his characteristics and qualities, as well as on creative use of ingredients, and taste. Then just send me the recipe and a brief description by email. The winner will receive an awesome prize package including new Golf Girl merchandise and a copy of one of my favorite fun reads, "Mulligan's Golf And Cocktail Club".

I'll have a couple of sample recipes of my own posted by the end of this week, just to get the ball rolling. So get your shakers and stirrers and highball glasses out and start mixing.

Sex on the Golf Course
1.0 shot Blue Curacao
1.0 shot Melon liqueur
Pineapple Juice
With a tall glass, mix melon liqueur and blue curacao. Then top off with equal amounts of 7up or Sprite and pineapple juice. Shake and pour over ice.