Southern Ingenuity and a Fedex Cup Cocktail

A friend of mine writes a highly entertaining regional blog called Sex & the South. Well I love the south, and I'm really into I'm not adverse to sex, so I always look forward to her picturesque posts. Her blog's subtitle is: Where Dolce & Gabanna meet Smith & Wesson, so that kind of gives you an idea, right? Well this "Southern Belle with a twist" doesn't play golf herself...yet...but The Gent in her life does. So she pays attention.

Well one of her faithful readers, Don S, read about the Fedex Cup Cocktail Contest in this blog and sent in an awesome redneck cocktail recipe that I just had to share with you. It's called the "Weekley Sledgehammer" and guess which one of the final round golf guys it's named after? Hint: He's the guy Tiger calls his hero.

"Weekley Sledgehammer"

Get an empty one gallon pickle jar. Fill it half full with cracked ice. Pour in a quart of good moonshine, but lacking that, just use a fifth of high-proof vodka. Add the juice from one dozen limes and one cup of confectioner's sugar. Put the lid on the jar, wrap it in a bath towel, and gently shake it until the towel freezes onto the jar.

Pour yourself a drink into a frosted pint fruit jar and enjoy it and one or more others while it's still really, really cold. Stand up and try to walk, and the sledgehammer will conk you on your noggin.

So to speak. Hurry up and create your Fedex Cup Cocktail. The contest closes at midnight on Saturday, 9/15! The remaining golfers are those illustrated in the graphic below! ----->