My Advice to Phil Mickelson ...

I have some advice for Phil Mickelson.

Some constructive advice for his golf game, and I may soon be delivering it to him in person.

I know, you're thinking that the idea of me giving Phil Mickelson advice about his game is totally preposterous, absurd, laughable and ridiculous. Well it is, but it could happen.

It could happen because there's another awesome contest taking place soon. It's sponsored by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts and it's actually an audition. An audition for a Crown Plaza Ad campaign with Phil Mickelson.

They're looking for all manner of Phil "fans". To participate in meetings like the ones in last year's "The Place to Meet" campaign, remember? That was the one with George Lopez, Natlie Gulbis, Lee Trevino and others in moderated meetings. Well this time it'll be a meeting of Phil and select "fans". So, despite some issues I've had with Phil Mickelson in the past, I'm now a huge fan. If you are too, you may also wish to audition. Initial info is here. They'll be updating it over the next days.

I won't tell you what my advice is for Phil, but with any luck it'll soon be Mr. Mickelson and the world... on National Television.