Calling All Golf Girls - Where are Ya'll?

That's what Steven Gribin, golf analyst for Yahoo Sports and ESPN radio asks, in this article.

At a recent awards dinner, the golf obsessed Texan remarked on the scarcity of women participants & honorees. The LPGA, with its hot players and interesting story lines is launching what promises to be an exciting 2008 season, so Mr. Gribin decided to do a bit of research.

He looked at several studies and came up with some compelling findings. One that really surprised me was this: the number one reason so many women abandon the game is not lack of time, cost, or the difficulty of golf. It's that they just don't feel welcome or understood on golf courses.

This surprised me because I've never felt it, but then I tend to be oblivious to negative attitudes. However, thinking back to conversations I've had with women who have quit, it did seem like a frequent complaint; Even after playing for a while and getting good they continued to feel like awkward interlopers in a male dominated world. So they played less and less, and eventually quit.

This is ultra-frustrating because it's in every golfer's best interest to grow the game, and according to experts, women represent the best path to that end. Once they do play, women become the best golf consumers too. I can testify first-hand to that.

So, guys be nice, be understanding and be accomodating. Even on the golf course.