A Golf Girl's Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! This year I've decided to forgo the roses and chocolates for a really nice pair of golf shoes. They're bright red too, in keeping with the holiday,

Then, this evening we'll have dinner at Cafe on the Green, surrounded by the snow covered fairways and iced-over greens of our favorite golf course.

There are certainly more romantic options, if you can get away. Golf blogger Chris Baldwin makes them sound very appealing in this evocative article. Funny, I never thought of the sometimes sophmoric Mr.Baldwin as a romance expert, but he certainly has good taste in golf trips. Golf Chick, Kristen Williams, seems to have no trouble finding romance on the course either.

Warm weather is probably the missing ingredient...romance just doesn't flourish in the frostiness of a CT winter. Well let me forward this post to Nick for next year. In the meantime I'll have to settle for my shiny red golf shoes.