Golf Girl's New Gig

I've got a ton of great projects in the works right now, but I'm really excited about this one:

I'm going to be doing some exclusive blogging at GolfForWomen.Com. GFW is one of my favorite golf sites on the internet and I just love their magazine too, so what can I say? I'm psyched.

I got together with some of the brilliant minds (and low handicaps) behind this golf media marvel last week in Manhattan. They're amazing, interesting women who live and love golf to the fullest and I'm really looking forward to collaborating them.

I'm sure you recognize the lovely Stina Sternberg with me in the photo above. Check out my first GFW post about my lunch in NYC with Stina and the amazing Manhattan golf girls.

Oh BTW, I won't be the only new golf blogger hanging her hat atGolfforwomen.com in the coming months; the engaging GolfGal AND the provactive GolfChick will be blogging there too.

Yep, this is going to be fun, stop by often.