Karrie Webb - The Antglitz Golf Girl

She's a truly remarkable golfer; a Hall of Famer, currently third in world, and one of the best ever to come out of Australia...but yet, even among golf fans, she's not well known.

Karrie Webb is the antithesis of the Golf Girls I so often feature on these pages...the fun, flirty, fashionable ones who really work their looks and personalities.

No, from what I've seen and heard, Karrie's just not into that. She's quite shy and intensely private. Some have called her cold, others say she's grumpy, and she definitely makes far less from endorsements then players half as good as she is.

However Karrie's amazing victory at the Australian Women's Open last weekend, and a prospective repeat at the end of this week when she defends her ANZ Masters Crown has the potential to put her back out there again and despite her lack of glitter and glitz, I think there are quite a few golf fans who'd be happy with that.