Stella Style - Ms. McCartney Does Golf

It just keeps getting better doesn't it?

Over the past couple of years there's been an amazing transformation in the world women's of golf apparel. From the plethora of hip, new boutique lines, to hot collections by the biggest names in sportswear.

Suddenly, everyone seems to "get it". The boxy beige shorts and big, bulky polos are disappearing in favor of exciting colors, close-to-the-body cuts and runway inspired styling. And now fashionista favorite, Stella McCartney has entered the fray with her golf collection for Adidas.

Each year Stella introduces a new category...and this year it's golf. Yay.

And it's not just us recreational golfers who are seeking more glamour on the greens either. I read in The Golf Blog that Natalie Gulbis was front and center at New York's Fashion Week the other day. The exclusive photos are on