Sarkozy Saga - Golf Girl to French Prez: "It's Over!"

It was just a couple of months ago I first posted about flamboyant French President, Nicholas Sarkozy.

He was newly divorced and in the US on ... official business. There was some speculation that he might be a golfer, and I was looking forward to posting about his exploits on the golf courses of the world. Additionally, I've got to admit, I harbored secret ambitions of hooking up with him and ultimately, becoming the first lady of France.

My current husband just laughed at my ambitions and informed me that Mr. Sarkozy had never held a golf club in his life. So I reluctantly put that plan on the back burner.

Well, turns out it's now too late. My prospective prince went and married someone else this morning...right there in the Elysee Palace where I had looked forward to residing. He married this Carla Bruni bitch person. I mean, what does he see in her??

OK yes, she's beautiful, famous, rich, aristocratic, and multi-lingual. But I'm multi-lingual too. And I bet she doesn't even play golf.