"The Tiger Woods of NFL Quarterbacks" (updated)

If, as predicted, the Patriots win tonight, we'll surely be hearing that phrase tomorrow.

Personally, I don't feel you can compare greatness in team sports with greatness in an individual sport. A quarterback's wins are ultimately connected to, and dependent on, the strength of his team. It's even been said that Tiger, who impressed us yet again this weekend in Dubai, is not a team all. So to me, it's like comparing apples to oranges... but it inevitably happens.

Recently, I heard someone being called the Tiger Woods of blogging, and I read a piece by a culinary journalist who was trying to find the Tiger Woods of wineries. I even encountered a piece of computer equipment that's become known as, the Tiger Woods of server virtualization! It's just become an easy way to evoke consistent greatness.

Imagine how it would be to have your name evoke consistent greatness? Pretty heady stuff, as they say.

Last year a number of people called Payton Manning the Tiger Woods of the NFL. Well his brother probably remembers that and he's sure going to try to keep Mr. Brady from being so honored this year. He's got his work cut out for him.

I'm for the Giants because I'm always for the underdog, however I love to see history being made too, and hey, here in CT, they're both local teams, so it's all good. (I don't bet on football, obvs.)

Well, let me go nextdoor for the annual inebriated pigout Superbowl party.

Update: Amazing! Eli and his guys upset the presumed "Tiger Woods of NFL quarterbacks". History wasn't made tonight, but it was an awesome game. Come to think of it we'll probably be hearing this tomorrow:
"Eli & Payton Manning are the Tiger Woods of NFL brother duos"

Unfortunately I consumed about three days worth of calories next door. I'm rather inebriated slightly tipsy too.