The Golf Girl on Golf Style

As you probably know by now, I'm a huge evangelist for golf fashion.

Dressing for a round of golf is a distinct part of the pleasure I get from a sport I'm totally passionate about. Yes, I know... not all golfers share this fashionista style sensibility, but many do. After all, fashion has been a part of golf since the early days of Gene Sarazen and his silk foulard.

So when San Francisco Chronicle fashion editor Sylvia Rubin, contacted me last month to weigh in on the changing face of golf fashion, I was only too happy to to do so.

The resulting piece, "Fit to a Tee" is the cover story for May 2008 in SFiS , the Chronicle's elegant monthly publication focusing on travel, design, and fashion.

The story features some awesome outfits and was shot on location at San Francisco's Lincoln Park Golf Course.