The Cigar / Golf Connection

Last week Nick woke up with an annoying cough and told me he was giving up cigars. And he did. For about three days. Then, when sun came out and he was able to get back onto the golf course, he quickly reached for a Cohiba.

Somehow he hadn't quite gotten around to disposing of his supply and unplugging the humidor. So yesterday, in the spring sunshine, we traversed the course surrounded by our usual cloud of smoke.

When I asked Nick what happened to his admirable anti-tabacco resolution he said he had decided to alter it slightly; he would only smoke on the golf course from now on because those were the only cigars he really enjoyed anyway, everything else he was giving up. I didn't bother to point out that he rarely ever smoked off the course, but it got me wondering what the golf/cigar connection was all about.

Clearly there is a connection. Guys who wouldn't dream of smoking in any other context happily light up on the golf course. Recently the gentlemen bloggers at Oobgolf, even started a Cigar Lounge column that's been eliciting enthusiastic comments from reader who seem to really know their stogies.

I'm not bothered by cigar smoke myself - I'm used to all kinds of smoke from living in Europe during the nineties - but I realize others are, and I do feel somewhat uncomfortable when I see the scornful stares we sometimes get from nonsmoking golfers. I hear there's even a movement afoot to ban smoking on some golf courses.

So I want to hear what you think: Cigars & Golf, do you feel they go together or would you vote for a ban? Are you bothered by golf course smokers or are you one of them...or do you just not care. Let me know what you think and maybe we can get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime Nick still has a slight cough and I'm thinking of pulling the plug on his Cohiba collection.