Which Guys Have the Best Golf Style?

I've told you about the Pro Sports Team Challenge, right?

It's the awesome event that'll bring together living ledgends from four major sports, in a fiercely competitive golf tournament... in the California desert.

Well, it's just a couple of weeks away and excitement is building. Everyone's wondering which team has the best golfers. I'm wondering that too, but I'm also wondering which team is going to have the best dressed golfers? I mean all of these guys wear uniforms for their sports. How will they do when it's up to them? Which sport's team will excel at golf style?

Early predictions were that the hockey players would end up winners on the I'm hearing they also might come out on top on the to speak. It seems Mario Lemieux & Co are known in sports circles for their stylish ways. At this point though, it's anyone's guess.

Check the Team Challenge website for the latest updates. And remember you can get involved in a big way with ProCoaching where you'll actually help to make strategy decisions for the team of your choice.

Who knows maybe they'll even let you make some fashion decisions.