Golf Fashion that's Styled to a Tee

I love golf fashion as much almost as much as I love golf itself.

While fashion is often not highly functional, when it comes to golfware, non-functional simply isn't an option. There's a unique challenge in creating an outfit, or an item of clothing, that looks good, and works well, on the course. And that's what I love; it's the unique combination of elements that make golf apparel so distinctive and interesting and fun.

So, you can only imagine how pleased I was to see an uber-elegant new blog dedicated to golf fashion. It's called Styled to a Tee and as you'll quickly notice, it's quite unlike anything else out there. This blog has a sophisticated spare look, perfectly set up for pleasant perusing, and the writing is delightfully literary. For example, a post on In-bee Park's winning white-on-white US Open look was poetry. Literally. Very clever.

There are also some fascinating video interviews, with the likes of designer John Ashworth, golfer Stacy Prammanasudh and others. It's definitely a very special blog, one written by fashion insiders with a passion for golf. You can be sure I'll be reading Styled to a Tee regularly.