Playing Golf with the Girl Next Door

You know her, right? She's Kendra Wilkinson, one of the Girl's Next Door.

Back in the old days, when you said "girl next door" it meant; "a wholesome, naturally pretty, demure female who embodies a man's more mature and tamer instincts for tender companionship". Today however, that definition seems to have have...evolved... a bit.

Kendra, for example, isn't particularly demure. She shares her 82 year old boyfriend with two other voluptuous blondes, loves boxing and has been know to perform as a "painted girl". (That, for those not up on such things, is "a women who entertains completely nude, except for painted-on accessories"

OK, enough with the popular culture lessons, Kendra also plays golf. She's the "the sporty one" of Hugh Hefners three fair haired girlfriends. That's what she told reporters at Ryan Sheckler’s X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament.

The celebrity studded event, hosted by X Games champion Ryan Sheckler, took place the day before yesterday at the awesome Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes, CA, and included an 18 hole skins game where players were pitted against one another in match play for the opportunity to win a $10,000 skin for the charity of their choice on each hole. There was also a putting contest for additional charity prizes. Some of the celebs competing on Tuesday were actors like Jerry O'Connell,Brody Jenner and the gorgeous Audrina Partridge. Soccer Star Mia Hamm played too, as did the much maligned Kevin Federline. It seems K-Fed was teeing off just as the earthquake struck, but just slightly rattled by it.

Some of the charities that benefited from Ryan Shekler's event are: Wings for Life, a charity that funds scientific research into spinal cord injuries, Boarding for Breast Cancer, a non-profit youth focused organization that works to create awareness about the disease, and Ryan's own foundation that focuses on Children's Cancer research.

OK, there are some golf purists out there who would undoubtedly find this type of event to be low brow and disrespectful of the game, but as I see it in today's celeb obsessed world these individuals have an amazing ability to raise funds...and awareness...for laudable and often overlooked causes. And what better way to do it than with golf.

Oh, I almost forgot; Kendra's outfit...what do you think? The shoes look too much like running shoes to me. I like a golf shoe that's a little more polished. I absolutely love the skirt, but... call me old-fashioned... I still don't approve of tank tops for golf. The top should be a contoured, sleeveless polo, IMHO. And the visor; normally I hate the look, but Kendra's an exception. I think it looks awesome on her. All in all I'd give Kendra an 8 out of 10. Not bad for the Girl Next Door.