Golf in Russia - It's Just Getting Started

Recently, in the afterglow of the British Open, the European Tour moved on to a place where golf is still in its infancy; Russia.

There are only three 18 hole courses in the entire country... and a correspondingly low fan base... but golf is poised to grow in this paradoxical country. The Russian Golf Association has ambitious plans to build as many as 500 golf sites in Russia by 2018 and last year, Moscow held its first ever Golf Expo show.

Golf in Moscow is prohibitively expensive. Additionally the city's golf clubs maintain major "security teams" to enforce exclusivity order. Like nightclub bouncers behind a velvet rope, they make it extremely difficult for an aspiring golfer to get near a fairway or green. However, when you leave the capital, that all changes.

In Krasnodar a city in Southern Russia where they've got plans underway for their first private country club community, the vibe is warm and welcoming. One can only imagine that it will be this new attitude that'll ultimately grow golf in Russia.

The Krasnodar golf course won't be finished for another two years but in the meantime the Orange Golf Driving Range has been opened so that future golfers can start acquiring some skills.

If you happen to be in Krasnodar anytime're invited to hit a bucket of balls.