The O'Shea Open - A Fun Family Tournament

Family golf tournaments are awesome.

I don't come from a golf family myself. Growing up, our club was a Yacht Club, not a country club, and we spent the sweet New England summers sailing on Long Island Sound. I raced sunfish and catamarans every day, but never hit a golf ball.

Fortunately however, The O'Shea family did grow up with golf, and they host an annual family tournament in Lynn. MA, just north of Boston. They're a family of lawyers, with distinctive Boston accents and a collective passion for golf, and they really made us feel welcome at this year's O'Shea Open.

The tournament is all about family, friends and fun. The course, Kelly Greens, is a casual, coastal 9 hole, and there were golfers of all ages and ability levels. It was a quintessential New England summer day and copious amounts of beer liquid refreshment were on hand. Not surprisingly the crazy, funny shots garnered more applause than the near perfect ones.

Above, my team mate "June Bug" and I enjoy a drink after our round. We didn't come near to winning the trophy, but we did get the "best dressed" award for our Golf Girl caps and matching shirts. BTW, our colorful piqué polos can be had at Target right now for ...you're not going to believe this...$6.99!