Fall Fashion Trends Inspired by Golf Tradition

"Smart tartan and clubby argyle". Sounds pretty golfy doesn't it?

Well, it just so happens these looks are in the spotlight for Autumn, in Elle Magazine's trend report for Fall'08. You can always count on Elle to distill the varied elements of the couture collections down to succinct ready-to-wear trends.

So, they translate runway fashion to street fashion...then we just have to take it all back to the fairways. This fall, that shouldn't be too difficult at all.

I put the outfit above together in a flash on Pikkee. With the exception of the amazing Nebuloni shoes everything's available at the LPGA proshop, and I think it's the perfect fall Fairway Fashion statement.

(Thanks Mary Rambin for the heads up on Elle's trend report - You always know just where to look.)