He Actually Showed up to Play Golf this Way...(Updated) a private country club no less. Here's the memo that ensued -->

Subject:Dress Code Vilolator of the Day
Importance: High

This guy had Baggy skateboard Camouflage Cargo shorts. Shoes: (non visible) Flip Flops. Shirt: street, un-tucked, rolled up sleeves. His buddies did not look much better.

[Redacted] told them nicely that they had to conform and buy some clothes in the proshop. Three cheers for [Redacted]. I nominate him for employee of the month.

Enforcing the dress code is the answer to this problem.

Update Just to clarify: this memo was written by a friend of mine who is a board member at a country club. He knows I write about golf fashion and dress codes, and as such, he shared with me the memo and enclosed snapshot. So far opinions on this...outfit...have varied from "totally unacceptable - that kind of thing should never be permitted on a course" to "totally fine - dress codes just reinforce golf's elitist image problem". Oobgolf reblogged this post and also got diverse reactions. What do you think?