Standout Golf Shoes from a Creative Canadian

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."

If that quote from Imelda Marcos resonates with you... at all... you'll want to have a look at the amazing Nycole St. Louis golf shoe line. Yes, these are definitely golf shoes for the shoe whore aficionado.

Nycole is Canadian, she's based in Mont Tremblent, the whimsical Quebec mountain village famous for its ski slopes and chalets, but also known for its breathtaking golf courses. So Nycole does boots and golf shoes. And for both lines she selects leathers from Italy. But not just any leathers; these are uniquely colorful leathers, metallic and prints too. ...And she blends these eccentric colors and textures with ultra traditional elegant styling. The resulting look is pretty awesome. In my opinion. And the Imelda quote definitely resonates with me.