Golf in Dubai Just Keeps Getting Better

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I've been dreaming of a Dubai golf trip for a while now. In fact, since I began writing this blog almost two years ago, I've done over a half a dozen lustful posts on the the dessert kingdom and its rapidly growing golf culture.

Well, it just keeps getting better. In fact, even getting there is getting better. Emirates, the international airline of the United Arab Emirates, has recently introduced the A380, a twin-deck, super fuel-efficient aircraft, that's been configured to provide a suprelative flying experience for all who enter its cabin.

Economy Class is fitted with seats that each feature over 1000 channels of on-demand movies, audio and TV, on a 10.6" Digital widescreen. Of course each seat also has its own laptop power supply and USB connection. In Business Class seats fully recline to a 79” long flat bed and include personal storage, massage features and a privacy divider...and every seat has access to the aisle. A personal high tech work space and mini-bar are built into each seat as well.

Then there's First Class, and that's where things get really sexy over-the-top luxurious. The steamy shower scene above...the one that ends with a rendevous in a swanky cocktail lounge with a waterfall and mood lighting...that all takes place in First Class on Emirates. Yes, there are two shower spas on the A380, as well an on board lounge for flirting socializing. And the seating? Sumptuous. Private. Suites. OK? BTW, I first read about this ultra-lux avaition experience on Julia Allison's Non-Society blog lifecast, and I can easily imagine the fabulous Julia ensconced in one of those first class suites.

Now I'm officially planning my Dubai golf trip, and I'm definitely planning to begin my trip with the New York-Dubai direct on Emirates. From there I've just got to decide which of the golf courses to play. Golf in Dubai lists nine, with more on the way, designed by legendary golfers and golf course architects. They all sound fabulous.

So, I'll keep you posted, but at this point I'm hoping for a February 2009 golf experience, in an over-the-top desert kingdom that just keeps getting better.