Of Rain Delays & Rainbows - Unpredictable August Golf

This bucolic scene took place at Richter Park yesterday, shortly after we got back on course after a rain delay forced us to retreat to the Cafe on the Green and have a couple/few glasses of wine mid-round.

We were just finishing up the 9th hole when the sirens went off. The storm clouds had rolled in in a matter of minutes and thunder had begun to rumble in the distance.
The sky opened up and it poured torrentially while we enjoyed our unexpected lunch break. Then, right on cue about 40 minutes later, it suddenly cleared up, and we were off again, to start the back nine in lingering mist and occasional sprinkles. The photo above was taken on the 12th green.

Later, on the tee at the 14th, we encountered a rainbow. How perfect is that?

Click on the photos above to enlarge. On the second one you can even see a trace of the rainbow - BTW I realize Nick's oversized rain jacket isn't too flattering but it kept me dry. I'll be posting additional photos of this awesome day later.