The Awesome Adventures of Two Guys in a Golf Cart

One day two endearing guys... Michael, a guileless American and Steve, a no-nonsense Welchman... decide to take a cross-country road trip. Destination: Celtic Manor, in Newport, South Wales, site of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

Oh, I forgot to mention, these guys won't be cruising in an SUV or speeding along in a sports car. Their ride for this unusual excursion is a humble golf cart.

"A Cart Across Wales"
is an awesome amalgamation of photos and videos that chronicle the amazing adventures of this odd couple, as they journey though fascinating towns and breathtaking countryside towards their golf destination. It's all brought to you by

The adventure is just beginning, and already I'm hooked. The guys are ultra amiable and the country is bewitchingly beautiful. So head on over to travelwales, and and I think you'll enjoy the ride. There's even a contest you can enter to win your own Wales travel adventure (golf cart, optional).