The Economy, The Beasts and The Game of Golf

As bad news pours out of Wall Street... and the so-called financial wizards finally acknowledge that they have no idea what's going on with the economy... the future health of our sport seems more vulnerable than ever.

The next couple of years, will undoubtedly bring major changes to the landscape of both recreational and professional golf, and anyone who is passionate about the game... not to mention those who make their living from the golf industry...should be
concerned and paying close attention.

As with many situations that have been described as abysmal... or grim... or even catastrophic, there could be a silver lining here. One that could arguably make golf a better game; more accessible to more people... and frankly, just more sustainable.

Bill Bales, CEO of aboutGolf offers up an analysis of the current situation as well as some solutions. What I liked most about his piece was his description of BEASTS. BEASTS being an acronym for the elements we need to slay in order to make golf more relevant. It's all laid out on BunkerShot.com so I won't regurgitate reiterate it here but I will let you know what the letters stand for: Barriers, Equipment, Access, Social, Time and Satisfaction.

I say, let's slay the beasts, and lets start right now.