Having Fun With Golf - One Club at a Time

You know me.

When it comes to golf, my main priority is to just have fun. Unlike the majority of recreational golfers, I never, ever, ever lose sight of the fact that I'm doing it for fun. So when I heard about the Oobgolf/PSP One Club Challenge, what do you think I thought of? Yep, that's

The rules are simple, you just play a full round, using only a single club. For every shot. Including putting. The lowest score gets a PSP golf club.

The way I look at it, this is going to be a blast! First choosing the club - then disciplining it to do what I want it to do. On every shot, from every lie and on the green. Yeah, I fully expect to see some really crazy trajectories.

I've already decided; I'll be using my 7 iron. Though far from my favorite club, I do think it's my most versatile. Nick's veering towards his 5 wood, but frankly, the whole idea is making him rather anxious, you see, he's one of those who often forgets to have fun with the game.

Anyway the contest runs for the next month so choose your weapon and play your round...then go post it at Oobgolf by October 16. And do what I always do... have fun with it!