A "Get-the-Lady-Buzzed & Enjoy the Ryder Cup" Game

Ok, there's no way on earth I could not reblog this. Such an omission would have been socially irresponsible.

The Ryder Cup Drinking Game is brilliantly funny. I discovered it via Heather at the engaging new blog, Real Women Golf. She's definitely on the look out for awesome golf things and she found this one through a crew of bawdy Brits (I love bawdy Brits) at Over the Line.

I don't think it needs much explaination. Suffice to say that it will undoubtedly add an element of ...intoxication debauchery the Ryder Cup weekend.

We're going to be playing it on Twitter over the next couple of days so if you're into
intoxication debauchery fun, hop onto Twitter and follow me... then click on the above graphic, print it out, and we can all play the Ryder Cup Drinking Game. Yay.